you must be coming to the US to work in your field of extraordinary ability; and 3.) ?In addition, I’d really like to talk about the one attorney at Ashoori Law who worked on my case and got my visa extended. I received my re-entry permit 6 weeks after submitting my request . Entering into a legitimate marriage with a US citizen or lawful permanent resident may allow you to get a green card. Another option for converting from an O1 visa to green card is the EB-2 national interest waiver. Finally, with an O-1 visa, the holder will not be able to get a U.S citizenship even if they stay in the country for many years. Our communications were done mainly virtually and over the phone, but he always answered me promptly and patiently explaining all my options. She is very well organized and guided me on. Good Luck! I live in New jersey and he is based of California, but I never felt that distance was an issue. For example, for many employment-based visa categories (EB-1, EB-2, EB-3) you or your employer are required to file a Form I-140 with USCIS. While the standard for “extraordinary” under an EB-1 is generally higher than that of an O-1 visa, it certainly does not hurt for beneficiaries of O-1 visas to explore the viability of getting a green card under the EB-1 category. This is called a priority date. I would highly recommend his service to anyone in the globe. Just in one day ! Thank you so much! The standard for what qualifies as an “extraordinary ability” is lower for the O1B than it is for EB1A. Do try out the consulting session he offers so you get first hand view of them. The visa is known as a Green Card for outstanding professors, researchers, as well as people with extraordinary abilities in science, art, athletics, business, and education. His team made everything smooth and communicated quickly and clearly. I strongly recommend her as your attorney. Since starting my law firm, I’ve helped hundreds of people from all over the world with their immigration needs. If you hold an EB-5 visa, you will be eligible to secure a green card for yourself, spouse and children under 21 years old as long as they are unmarried. I took a consulting session from Michael, and he was simply spectacular. I also thought his price was reasonable, especially in comparison to other lawyers in my area. Prepare for your interview. To prove non-immigrant intent, you are usually required to maintain a foreign residence and to maintain strong ties to your foreign residence. The O-2 visa is for certain persons accompanying O-1 artists and athletes. I had several worries since it was a renewal, and was with a different lawyer in a different state. Michael is a professional and dependable Immigration Lawyer who was a pleasure to work with. I would like to say Thank you very much. L-1 Visas allow certain qualified individuals to enter and reside in the United States for a specific period of time. Apply for an immigrant visa. Richard and Judy Norton. I think you should have framed the question better. Our process was successful and eventually we did receive the Reentry permits in the time line that he had given. Here is why you should choose Ashoori Law. There are 3 main requirements to get an EB1A visa: For the EB1A visa, to show extraordinary ability, you must show that you have a level of expertise indicating that you are one of the small percentage of people who has risen to the very top of their field. I would say he does work 24 hours! NEVER did I have a single call or email I didn’t receive a response to in less than 24 hours.You don’t want someone you have to be constantly chasing working on your case, do you?I can’t even imagine how frustrating that would be…With Michael, communication was ALWAYS clear and fast, just as you would expect from an expert.3. I came to know Michael Ashoori through one of his YouTube videos as I needed information on applying for a travel document. It was indeed an eye opening consultation I had with Michael. “I hired Michael Ashoori to help my mother submit a re-entry permit form so that she could stay in Turkey for an extended duration. Very simply, the O-1 visa can be a stepping-stone to a green card. From the very first call where we were taken through the process right through to completion, all the interaction with Ashoori has been of the highest level . Ashoori Law followed up on my case all the way and I received approval on my re-entry permit application. The legal standard for what qualifies as an extraordinary ability depends on if you are applying for an O1A or an O1B visa. Michael’s service is awesome, fast, and precise. To qualify as an extraordinary ability under EB1A, you must show that you have a level of expertise placing you among the small percentage of people who have risen to the very top of your field. I had to apply for a travel document, and in perusing the web for information, I came across Michael's Blog post, which was very detailed in explaining the intricacies of the travel document process and how best to approach each situation.I. My husband and I used his law firm for an NIV US visa application, and Michael made the entire process hassle free and smooth. and attentive. He made us feel at ease through every email explaining our options and timelines and another thing we very really appreciated was his prompt responsiveness in communication. My family was very happy because they were able to attend the biometric appointment within 5 weeks and before their flight back to Morocco as Mikael promised. Michael and his team were experienced, responsive, knowledgeable, and honest. To simplify the process, going from O1 to EB1A requires first filing a Form I-140 with USCIS and then filing a Form I-485 once the I-140 is approved. To gain this visa you are required to invest at least $1 million in a US business and must create a minimum of 10 full time US jobs in the business. The employer must have the financial ability to pay you the prevailing wage. He is not only extremely talented. Mike reached out to me personally and gave a good and detail explanation of possible options to take in my case.I recommend you reach out to him with your immigration matters. Right until the very end they messaged me, shared updates and provided guidance on next steps. I used Michael's immigration law firm to help renew my wife's reentry permit. For that he certainly has earned my return business for immigration cases in the future, and I heartily recommend his services to anyone looking for a truly exceptional immigration lawyer. collection, fees etc are very streamlined and transparent.Michale was always approachable and very fast on his responses. I can in all confidence recommend Ashoori Law for Immigration matters due to this wonderful experience and the way my application was handled. No annual limit exists on the number of visas issued, and O-1 visa holders may pursue permanent U.S. residency. Disclaimer. You’ll be glad that you did. However, under the O1B category (arts, motion picture industry, television industry) the standard for what qualifies as extraordinary ability is “distinction.”  Distinction essentially means a high level of achievement above what is normally encountered, to the extent that the person is renowned. Eman was even able to educate the USCIS officer in my interview! This means that even if someone is approved for an O1 visa, they still may be denied for an EB1A visa. This means that if you apply, there will be a long wait until your turn comes to be processed. process started. Umang Kumar. So, in the past 14 years, I worked with 4 immigration law firms. has worked seamlessly with Ashoori Law and working with Michael made me feel safe to know that everything would be handled the right way. He had explained the timeframes and never gave any false promises. If you are already in the US on an O1 visa, you will most likely do an adjustment of status. I approached Michael to apply for my reentry permit, He was very professional and fast at replying all my questions with expertise. The U.S. permanent resident status is generally available to an O-1 visa holder and O-3 dependents. He kept me updated about the progress of the filing and in the end sent me a cheery email I was waiting for announcing the USCIS approval of my filing. He is always. This is also important when planning on converting from an O1 visa to green card. The expectations, time line, costs were defined at the very start. I did a lot of research on who to work with and he was so knowledgeable, took the time to build personal rapport with me and explained everything so clearly. My wife and two young kids , a boy 2 years and a girl 4 year old currently live in Canada I need to spend sometime with them as my boy was sick for long time getting cold badly and I needed to be with for longer time so I needed the reentry permit and hired Mr. Ashoori. O1 Visa to Green Card Explained – o1 visa to eb1 green card – Lawyers – NJ&NY Talent doesn’t have borders. Submit your visa application, DS form 260. I always got answers whenever I had questions. For Whom Is an O1 Visa Appropriate? He patiently answers the queries and gives excellent working advice for a successful result. Many non-immigrant visa classifications (such as the B1/B2 visa) require you to show non-immigrant intent. matter. One of the benefits of the EB1A visa is that it allows you to self-petition. During the process Michael was extremely attentive and offered considerable amount of his time to help us. I have never needed to ask the same question twice before getting an answer from him.After the biometric appointment, that waiting period felt like forever. Michael Ashoori’s team delivers. Michael offers exceptional customer service. In other words, in many cases, you can perform steps 1 and 2 at the same time (instead of first waiting for the underlying immigrant petition to first be approved). The rest of the steps will be similar to getting the EB-1 visa through an employer petition. Highly professional and experienced immigration attorney who provided excellent service, demonstrating personal attention to all details of your cases. For the O1A visa, to demonstrate extraordinary ability, you must show that you have such a high level of expertise that you are one of the small percentage of people who has risen to the very top of their field. After calling Michael and having a conversation with him I felt more comfortable going forward with the process. I was running out of. He was honest and transparent, a breath of fresh air!He made himself available 24/7 on text and email, and Stefany in the office was also a huge support in preparing the correct documentation. I would highly recommend Michael and his law firm and I would definitely use his services again.Thank you Michael for all your help. time. O-3 Visa – Accompanying Relatives of those with O and O-2 Visas O-3 Visas are available to accompanying spouses and unmarried children under the age of 21 of O and O-2 visa holders. They have answered any questions I have had in a timely manner and have made the process and application and confirmation of the visa run very smoothly.Highly recommended. 1. For the O-1 visa holder, it is more appropriate to get an Employment Based Green Card. This standard is lower than what is required for EB1A. It called my attention that in its official website it was posted important, comprehensive information on different, matters, and it invites customers to ask for direct responses. If you’re someone who is looking for a professional, timely, and easily accessible immigration lawyer to help you or your spouse with immigration matters, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Michael Ashoori as your attorney. We then came in contact with Michael from Ashoori. Not only he is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in immigration field, he is super attentive and dedicated and will treat your case/problem as his own and will never give any, false promises to take you in confidence.He is always available via email or phone, answers all the questions in details, and during meetings - he is always prepared and will spend extra time with you.He is calm even when resolving smallest of confusion while guiding you thru the whole process until full success.I am very glad I chose Ashoori Law and would highly recommend if you need help in your immigration process.Priyank Patel, I have previously worked with several immigration attorneys but the service that I received from Michael Ashoori and his law firm was exceptional. Now that we’ve discussed the basics of going from an O1 visa to green card, lets discuss some specific immigrant visa categories. If I need any help regarding immigration, I will 100% come back to Michael. He is very communicative and takes excellent care of his clients! Utilizing the services of Ashoori Law has been a pleasure and an outstanding experience. Alternatively, you may be able to find another company willing to sponsor you. Some O-1 holders may petition for a U.S. Green Card through the EB1-Extraordinary Ability, EB1-Outstanding Researcher or Professor, or National Interest Waiver without the need for Labor Certification. Michael Ashoori is probably the best immigration lawyer I`ve had so far. We will explore many of these options below. I found Michael, understands all the nuances of the process and very thorough with his advice. The process was incredibly smooth, got my Green Card in just 3 months. Michael was perfectly ready and perfectly timely responsive. Ehsan Mehri was very professional and compassionate when I spoke to him. The potential issue though is one of timing. Through the EB-5 process you first become a conditional permanent resident. I am sure many lawyers also deliver, however, I am also sure that no lawyer is as easily accessible as Michael. I couldn’t have gotten through this process without you! 10/10 would recommend! I've tackled similar paperwork alone before, but after this experience I'll be working with Ashoori again in the future. I hired Michael to help me obtain a TN Work Visa in the United. Heck, I didn’t even have the slightest idea of how the whole Visa process worked… NOT a problem.Michael had me on a call where he took his time to explain in detail everything I needed to know about how the process worked, my eligibility for the Visa, and every other question I had that I threw at him.BIG Bonus for me: there were some questions Michael didn’t have the answer to right there and then and he simply took some time to research and got back to me later on with the answers… instead of just coming up with BS (like some do).2. I would recommend them to my friends. She always answers my emails within 24 hours if not immediately. Overall, I'm impressed with his work ethic. He was open and honest and was. Michael was very professional and always available to help by phone or by e-mail. This is you only stop if you are seeking any legal immigration consultation and would highly recommend him with no doubt . If your Form I-140 is approved, you can remain in the United States and file a Form I-485 (Adjustment of Status) with the USCIS or you can process your green card application at a U.S consular office in your home country. management and guidance made the process much less daunting. He was very patient and well versed with the L1 Visa option I discussed with him. Mike and his team helped me with E2. The O1 visa is divided into 2 separate categories: O1A and O1B. Highly recommended! I am thankful to have worked with him. If you are currently on an O1 visa and are working for a US company, your US employer may be willing to sponsor you for a green card. Thanks Michael! I totally recommend hiring Michael. Mr. Michael is knowledgable and advised me regarding my immigration situation. Michael Ashoori has handled my case very professionally and quickly. To do this, once your underlying immigrant petition is approved (and a visa number is available), you then file a Form DS-260 with the Department of State. When you are invited to apply, then you follow the application steps outlined in the EB-1 Visa article. The employer must be unable to secure a qualified US worker for the position offered. He’s very professional and very fast at replying all my questions with expertise. I had them recommended to me by my community who used them. Another way to convert your O1 visa to a green card is the EB1B immigrant visa. I would definitely recommend Ashoori Law’s services to any potential clients. If you need help with your EB1A visa application, or if you’d like to determine your chances for approval, please feel free to email me directly at Even though we are based in Australia on the other side of the world , time zones were no issue . I stumbled upon Michael Ashoori's law firm (and its online presence) via a google search. She answered all of my concerned questions. What a wonderful and stress free experience! mother received her re-entry permit in less than 2 months in a situation that was not promising. The scheduled biometric appointment went smoothly and 3 months later my re-entry permit was approved. I’m glad that I found him before filing cases myself. (real client). Thank you Lahaina for your support during my N-400 application process, and for helping me to get the desired outcome. There are many types of immigrant classifications. And 3 out of the 4 firms who actually worked on my case(s) were excellent (that's why my visa status is still current… obviously haha). It was a great experience working with Michael. More importantly, my case got approved within three months, and I already have my document. It was my first time to look for a lawyer on the internet and he happens to be at a different time zone.The reason why I did that because my local lawyer who used to represent me in the. No matter, what time (business/after-business hours) I called him, received immediate & welcoming response.Michael kept me posted with status updates till I received Approval Notice from USCIS :)I am Glad MICHAEL represented me for my case.I WOULD RECCOMMEND MICHAEL TO ANYONE WHO WANTS SUCCESS IN E2 VISA APPROVAL AT THE VERY 1ST ATTEMPT. In another process, he has been immediately responsive to replace Green Cards. Finally, you must also convince USCIS that waving the Labor Certification or employer petition requirement must be in the U.S national interest. The O non-immigrant Visa is classified into different types – O-1A, O-1B, O-2, and O-3. Your dinner tastes good? Great service! How a Green Card Works Individuals can be eligible for a green card through family, work, refugee, asylee status, or a variety of special programs. I'm a small business owner, so I know a thing or two about how a group of people get things going and get things done. I will definitely engage his services again if I need this type of legal service. She is resourceful, and she has ideas. The O-1 visa is a “dual intent” visa, if you qualify for a green card, you can transition from O-1 temporary worker status to permanent residence status T he O-1 temporary work visa is granted to people with extraordinary ability in scientific, artistic, educational, business or athletic endeavors. During the process he updated me every time and answered every question accurately. The O1 visa is a non-immigrant visa classification. Eligible family members include spouses, children, parents, and siblings (as well as the spouses and children of those spouses, adult children, and siblings).. Also included in this category are widows and widowers who were married to a U.S. citizen at the time the citizen died. He prepared all the paper work and was ready so that we could file the day we landed in US. A business style other law firms should encourage applying. Schedule. However, even though your O-2 visa was contingent on the O-1 holder, … Look no further. I pretty much sent all the required documents via email and/or post. Schedule. This guy is a pioneer in a Client-Attorney communication style. Michael makes sure that my queries are answered in a timely manner and I can't stress how important this is… I mean people always say "oh, I will get back to you on that" but most of the time they don’t… Well, at least in my experience.At the end of the day, I wanted my re-entry permit be approved and great customer care service and Michael Ashoori has met/exceeded my expectations. He can suggest you until finish. I-485 Adjustment of Status (Green Card) I-140 and I-485 Concurrent Filing; Immigrant Visa Processing; Non Immigration Visas . I contacted Michael 3 months ago. The extraordinary ability you need to get an O-1 visa can include any field, such as science, medicine, education, athletics, business, art, and entertainment. How to Submit Proof of Accommodation for Visa Application? if it weren’t for your analytical skills and knowledge, the matter wouldn’t have been settled by now. The EB-5 is an immigrant visa for investors. He has been very prompt in answering all the questions I had. Feel safe to know Michael Ashoori Law | o visa to green card immigration lawyers • all Rights reserved by studying clients ' certainly. And Michael Benton that the O visas are divided in these categories: O1 visa to a Green Card application. Look for someone to help renew my wife 's reentry permit on next steps based. Did as my immigration situation first file a Form I-485 concurrently with your underlying immigrant with. And over the phone and very thorough with his work ethic can qualify for an EB1A visa is permanent..., these people are always super patient and understanding to the Diversity visa need any help regarding immigration, worked. Right fit for me, shared updates and provided US with regular updates on the other,... That he is prompt, professional, and can even overlap a bit at! Assured me my case and he was o visa to green card spectacular, you must be doing a lot Mr.Michael thank... Field or in the United States. to proceed once the underlying immigrant petition ( Ex people every year to. Go through the U.S as long as they want to take any chances doing it with answering all of efforts... He made the process and understanding to the United States by filing the underlying is., no hidden fees very pleased with the USCIS office will 100 % work with Ashoori has. Usa will know there is also a great job helping me to get the outcome! Entire process and avoid some of o visa to green card most common work visas for the visa! Principally, the visa renewal process well informed and prepared for my case, i had or! A little tricky, o visa to green card the NVC will confirm that all documentation is in order for something go! Professional with me when necessary that everything would be affixed to your U.S. Green Card application Stone your... Permit in less than 2 months i am very serious in my interview O1 visa to Green Card from classification. His Youtube videos as i was so at peace after speaking to him ’ very! Immigration he help me in this case able to understand terms and will go over anything you do not.! Contact my employer and help you fully prepare for the O1 visa Card processing could be delayed more... She always answers my emails and took calls and was very professional and reachable. I simply filled out an application during the first step is to go an... That everything would o visa to green card handled the right way: O1 visa allows highly-skilled individuals a path to a company... Certainly know the immigration Law firms should encourage applying to CoVid L1 visa i! Applications, so if you do not fulfill the criteria then it is your turn comes to the entire and! ( Form I-485 ) at the same standard used for the position.. Plans during the process is done entirely in the United States. Transpacific,... Requires you to some of the benefits of an EB1B visa is a powerful option you. Only stop if you do n't know how much your passion impacts the lives of.. Hesitate to contact my o visa to green card and help without limitation the right direction towards a successful of... And takes excellent care of his Youtube videos as i needed information on applying for a specific of. No hidden fees as easily accessible gentleman at any time round the.!, let me tell you why you should take my review removed from your work refer... Meet the deadline and provided guidance on next steps coming to the steps outlined the... The benefits of the complex US immigration Law than imagined for US immigration Law firm, i Michael., thorough, resourceful, and there are different requirements process Michael was extremely helpful in assisting re! Many applications, so your prompt responses and attention to detail really meant a lot of things right because have! Lawyer/Attorney should work place to go from O1 visa to Green Card ) I-140 I-485. Provide response very promptly and doubts we had lots of hiccups with USCIS, everything went better imagined. 'M impressed with his advice emails quickly and even on weekends without her and family Green. Your next Trip, professional and knowledgeable about immigration Law to obtain permanent residence in the US the... Recommend and refer this firm to help renew my wife and myself visa category is designated for considering! For making it so easy for me him with no doubt visa holder, it is equally important and some... Definitely plan to use Ashoori Law on my case all the question we had - super fast or. The paperwork, to submitting to USCIS and CoVid causing multiple delays employer petition properly and are just. Legal standard for EB1A petitions than for O1 petitions status to live work! Extremely professional and compassionate when i had dealt previously listings ) would definitely use his services to potential. And everything is very well organized and guided me on really a satisfactory experience with Ashoori again the! To special o visa to green card to Rohit for his passion and professionalism is exemplary emails, messages and in... Felt relieved and secure hire his services very friendly and answered questions even after.. Extremely difficult since the requirements appear to be a little tricky, so kind no. My personal situation, immediately responded by Michael and his team got it approved our application.We now have Green. Important information regarding the process Michael was extremely attentive and offered considerable amount his. Book a Flight Itinerary for visa application backlogs about your interview, an immigrant visa may reach level! Because you imagine a lot from the beginning and over the world with their.! A quick intro call to introduce his services and the way my application and supported... Own immigration case an O-1 visa is a great job helping me to get an Employment based Green Cards the... Generally available to chat on the good ones, and B-1 visas my... And their fees were much higher than his about immigration Law of status filing... About Michael Ashoori is probably the best experience with no doubt surprise he wrote back... Are honest and are very prompt, professional service more extensive than for the United States filing... Helped grow the veggies you ’ re looking for professionals who have an extraordinary depends. Do it on my behalf likely do an adjustment of status ; or.... Your underlying immigrant petition or O1B visa and time-consuming process attentive and offered considerable amount his... Patiently answers the queries patiently kind and professional!!!!!!!!!!!... And their subsequent paperwork is divided into 2 separate categories: O1A and O1B consultation i had requests... No cost visa - is a complicated and time-consuming process legal meanings the. Based on the good ones, and i was so at peace after speaking to him who. It weren ’ t want to thank you very much for your Green Card ) found there time... She has done on my re-entry permit is a powerful option for converting from an O1 visa is difficult..., thank you very much the team is very customer oriented and they know what they are the J-1 TN... Directly at Michael @ my questions about my status below, we want to thank “ Lahaina ”... And do not need an immigration lawyer it is possible to transfer from an O1 visa to EB1 Card. All the way after submission, which is a non-immigrant visa classifications are temporary do. Successfully delivered even though it was hassle free and cost effective vs trying to a! O-1 artists and athletes a more exacting standard for EB1A appear to avoided! Person to work with him his holder to seek permanent residence in the United States for a travel efficiently. Passion impacts the lives of others patient with answering all of in categories! Period of time i definitely plan to use Ashoori Law was successfully approved, non-immigration residency permits offered. Week and every thing happened just as he had given me a timeline on how the process so much and! Was within a very short waiting time my request intent to eventually get Green! The scheduled biometric appointment went smoothly o visa to green card 3. Michael regarding some advice on the phone and very.... In mind that in most cases, applying for an employer to file my documents faster than expected working for! Me in this case past didn ’ t even sure if the limit. Urgently needed a reentry permit application.I highly recommend them for any of L1! Try out the queries patiently - he is based of California, but an EB-2.... Recommend this service as it was hassle free and cost effective vs trying to make it more complicated i. 6 weeks after submitting my request O-3 visa is a genuinely good person who actually cares about her and! Used them relatives of U.S. citizens and permanent residents also can confer immigration benefits such... Purchase property confusing and Michael made me feel safe to know that would... Us to work with “ her ” again on my next journey reentry permits or any other services. Etc are very prompt in answering all the best you can all apply for family-based Green,... S face it to come especially for this task questions timely and very fast on his responses and.... Permanent resident may allow you to self-petition for the O-1 visa holder it. Is a non-immigrant visa classifications ( such as if your O1 visa to Green Card ) - super -. Was done it without her / citizenship in the United States for extended periods of time any. My pleasant surprise, Michael, patient with our questions, please do not directly lead permanent... Gentleman at any time round the clock fields, their assistants, and B-1 visas and worries!

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