Expert Night Fishing Tips from Top Bass Guides Night fishing for bass is electric. I grew up fishing tournaments with my Dad who was a well-known Central Florida Bass Guide and tournament angler. Some lures reflect light, others don’t. "If your local fisheries have healthy populations of these fish, grab a black or white blade and hang on. So, get out there and give bass fishing at night a try. Folks are increasingly realizing that the beauty of a big bluegill lies in its rarity. Sign-up to receive our monthly newsletter with interesting blogs about fishing and boating. Note: these inshore fishing tips are in no particular order. First there's the static "zing" of the line as you cast, followed by the silence that leaves you tensed, listening for the "kerplunk." Use this simple … Bass Fishing in the Afternoon Midday. Use fluorocarbon and maintain it well. Put a small softbait on a jighead and start catching fish. Grab a buddy, pack a ninja bag, and get to grindin'. Buzzbait—A buzzbait is a top producer at night, especially when wind is a factor. The head is ball-shaped and 98 percent of it consists of tungsten. Regardless of whether you are fishing from the shoreline or from a boat, try to locate any submerged trees, vegetation, docks, bridges, or changes in bottom depth. Night fishing is about simplicity. Get fishing tips and tricks and read personal stories from anglers who live and breathe fishing and boating. Its time to go night fishing! Giving each and everyone tips and tricks not many people know. I'm throwing a frog on a heavy rod, high-speed reel, and 65-pound braid. Black blades can be especially effective when night fishing after-hours. I have been bass fishing for all of my life and am passing the love on to my family. Its dark, do you really want to be messing with a deck-full of rods, or complicated presentations? These deep-fried walleye strips... Molix is an Italian company that is headquartered in Molinella, Bologna, Italy. Grab a buddy, pack a ninja bag, and get to grindin'. The best night fishing locations are transitions where there is deep water close to shore. The equipment necessary for night bass fishing is about the same as for fishing during the day. Drop-offs, points, channel bends, and ditches are all excellent night … Your night bag should reflect that. A black frog will be my first choice, but I've caught them just as good on a green one. ©2020 Outdoor Sportsman Group. Bass follow those transitions as they move up to feed. Adding the trailer-hook will help with short-strikes and it will also add weight to the bait for longer casts. Give a Gift   The Jitterbug is one of my favorites for night bass fishing because it causes such a ruckus and can be stopped periodically beside a stump or over submerged bass, an action that often draws a response from even the most timid largemouth. In fact, less than a handful baits will produce after dark. California bass guru Mike Long is a swimbait guy, but if forced to choose one lure for giants and one time of year to fish it, he’d go with a football-head jig in spring. I'm looking for a couple weeks with warm days, followed by warm nights. Try big Colorado bladed spinnerbaits, big jigs, vibrating jigs, and big worms for maximum success. So, get out there and give bass fishing at night a try. Time to talk about some of the best ways to catch bass at night. It's super lightweight, dark (so I blend in and angry homeowners can't see me) and allows for more than enough storage. Arrive at your favorite area before sunset so you won’t have to do much navigating in … Night fishing is the perfect relief from the legions of pleasure boaters, pressure of other anglers, and oppressive summer heat. These are insider secrets that helped a lot of anglers out there. The Pro-V shape of this hook is called a sickle-style hook. I carry a small, one-shoulder-strap, fishing bag on my night missions. Sunshine bass are also stocked together with stripers in some river systems, and some of the best fishing is found in the Apalachicola and St. Johns rivers. Like us, bass savor flavors and use them in their feeding. No votes so far! I prefer black-blue fleck, or some other dark color. Can You Eat Muskie? Some of my best nights have come when it's stormy and windy. I'll start watching the day and nighttime temperatures pretty regularly starting then. Sometimes it’s only an hour, but that hour can be magical. Sit, Wait, Hook and Catch. Spinnerbait: I use this in a similar application as the lipless bait but it’s a different style. You really can't go wrong with either of those trailers. Many big bass turn nocturnal in the Summer, feeding heavily while anglers sleep. Be the first to rate this post. Don’t expect night time to be big for numbers. Colors don’t work at night. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced angler, these professional tips and tricks should be very helpful. When fishing for bass by submerged brush piles, use jigs and live bait. Instead, be patient and know that you’re probably going to be sacrificing numbers for quality. . Learn about fishing tackle, rods, reels, and techniques the pros practice. 18 Fishing Tips To Make You A Better Inshore Angler. Frogs—Topwater frogs get my vote for favorite bait to throw when bass fishing at night. This is not your run-of-the-mill fish recipe! When it comes to spring weather and nighttime bass—you're looking for consistency. Learn new fishing skills, boating resources, fishing etiquette, conservation and more. During the middle of the day, bass will typically hold tight to cover that provides shade. Its chelipads feature six holes, creating a bubble trail underwater for fish to hone in on. Tight lines! He participated in his first fishing derby right before his 12th birthday. It's seriously way too much fun watching a big bass slam your buzzbaitt gurgling slowly down a windy bank. Aug 24, 2020 - Tips and Techniques for finding and catching more bass. Without light, bass feed purely off the information provided them by their lateral lines. The In-Fisherman crew head to Lake Erie to catch smallmouth bass. Bass have a tendency to miss baits at night as it is, so keeping the extra jerks or pops to a minimum will usually result in more bites. I prefer the flipping jig because if the wind starts to pick up, and they still won't come up for a frog, I can opt to swim the jig to get bit that way, too. Pack Light—Bass fishing at night is not about showing off your latest and greatest gear you just bought; it's about keeping it simple. After inserting the rattles, add a touch of superglue—give it a couple minutes to dry and your good-to-go. While largemouth bass … All Rights Reserved. In addition to using baits that put out a lot of vibration, try to minimize how much you work them. Fishing Trip Checklist: Don’t Forget Your Equipment . Here are the basic contents of my night bag: Bring a Buddy—This should come as no surprise, but, you should consider rounding up a buddy that loves to go bass fishing just as much as you do. Let’s go get that bass! Keep your boat deck clear, only get out one combo at a time, and restrict your tackle to simple presentations. At night, slow and steady usually wins the race. Share your secret baits, techniques, see bass fishing is about helping one another. What makes spotted bass different also makes them special, and a lot of fun to catch. Use a razor blade to make a small clean, smooth cut. If you're out on the water with lights on, you're slamming locker lids, or you've got your motor turned up … How to Fish at Night . The full skirt puts off more silhouette, allowing for a larger profile for bass locate. See more ideas about bass fishing tips, bass fishing, fishing tips. On that mid-July night, we started fishing over submerged weed beds utilizing among our favorite lures, a black 3/8-ounce short-arm single Colorado blade spinnerbait with a 3-inch black plastic twin-tail grub on the hook. Doing this allows for longer casts and added noise to give big bass something to hone in on when you're out on those super dark, windy nights. Additionally, a friend is great to bring along for picture taking purposes. By Doug Williams Publish Date: Sep 5, 2017 . All In-Fisherman subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. Other nights you can't keep them off. Doug Stange joins Capt. Some of the biggest (mine included) bass are caught during the twilight hours. Black or white— "For some reason, subspecies such as spotted bass and smallmouth bass respond excellently to opaque blade colors," Schultz said. Now, I serve as a bass fishing coach and captain to my kids who fish tournaments in the Bass Nation circuit.

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